Deep into Sleep, the film

A literary and philosophic exploration
of the various stages of sleep

Directed by Virgile Novarina
Duration : 39’
Year : 2016
Format : HDV
Image format : 16/9
Mixing : Philippe Jacquet
Poster :
a.p.r.e.s Editions
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Deep into Sleep is a literary and philosophic exploration of the various states of sleep. Embark upon a dreamlike path to the heart of sleep through the reading of four texts by Michel Butor (Matière de rêve), Clément Rosset (Route de nuit), Pierre Pachet (Nuits écroitements surveillées) and Jean-Luc Nancy (Tombe de sommeil), and a series of sleepers.


Michel Butor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Francion’s Dream

Clément Rosset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hasofin

Pierre Pachet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Towards Deep Sleep

Jean-Luc Nancy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Sleeping Self

Part I: Francion’s Dream

Part II: Hasofin

Part III: Towards Deep Sleep

Part IV: The Sleeping Self

DVD Deep into Sleep

Two films and two interviews,
a.p.r.e.s Editions, 2016
Duration : 85’
Langage : French with english subtitles
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Deep into Sleep (39', Virgile Novarina, 2016) "A literary and philosophic exploration of the various stages of sleep, with Michel Butor, Clément Rosset, Pierre Pachet and Jean-Luc Nancy."

Around Sleep, (12', Virgile Novarina, 2005) Around Sleep is built like a wildlife documentary focused on sleepers. It tells the story of a day, from morning to night. The only characters are sleepers and yawners who were filmed in public transports or places as well as in private surroundings. The film is divided into four parts: The Morning, The Train, The Yawn and The Evening. It contains seven quasi-subliminal images (1/12 to 1/24 of a second), which are generally perceived by the audience.

First interview : Michel Butor, the Dream int the Writing (18', Virgile Novarina, 2016). Michel Butor looks at his entire work through the prism of dreaming: the dreams of the characters in his novels, his book « Matière de rêve » and his poetry like a waking dream.

Second interview : The Strength to Sleep (14', Virgile Novarina, 2016). Pierre Pachet looks back at two of his books: « Nuits écroitements surveillées » and « La Force de dormir ». He describes how his interest in sleep led his desire to write.

Extracts of the two interviews


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2015 Avallon La Tannerie 89, samedi 2 mai 2015, projection d’une version provisoire dans le cadre de la résidence d’artiste de Virgile Novarina pour le projet de Bulle Paradoxale. Plus d’infos : et un article

By the same director

After studying Mathematics and Physics, Virgile Novarina (born in 1976) devoted himself to the artistic exploration of his own sleep through writings and drawings, and the sleep of others through photographs and videos. He has published eight books of "Ecrits et dessins de nuit" (Night’s Writings and Drawings) and has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Portugal, in Spain, in Polen and the United States. Since 2006 the very act of sleeping has become an integral part of his work, through the “En Somme” (French language pun, meaning "all in all" or "sleep in progress") series of performances, during which he sleeps publicly in shop windows, galleries or museums.

In 2002 Virgile Novarina befriended Jean-Olivier Hucleux, whom he regularly filmed from 2005 to 2009. "Jean Olivier Hucleux, du travail à l'oeuvre" (from the work to the artwork) is his first documentary. Previously he made "Autour du sommeil" (Around sleep 2004, 12 min.), a short film unfolding on the course of one day whose only characters are sleepers and yawners.